Webtan+®︎ for your business

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What Do "Web tan Plus"?

Once a website is created, it is not the end of the process. You need to grow your website as your business grows and as the needs of the times change. A company’s website is like an Internet branch of the company. As the Internet Branch Manager = WEB Manager, we will operate the website on your behalf.

*WEB Tan+®︎ (Web Tan Plus) is a registered trademark of Sanya Shoji.

Web operation agent

To expand business, we will operate the website on your behalf for as long as you need.

Web Consulting

Propose strategic use of the Web to improve operational efficiency and launch new services.

Web Production

We build the best website for your company that fits the size and purpose of your business.


After graduating from the graduate school of Tokyo Institute of Technology, joined MISUMI Corporation, a trading company specializing in mechanical parts. He was involved in domestic and international product planning and development, catalog creation, marketing, etc. He then moved to a venture company specializing in online remodeling business. He then moved to a venture company specializing in online remodeling business, where he was involved in remodeling business strategy planning, product development, web content creation, and the introduction of a new core system. Later, he participated in the launch of a system development company as a director, and became independent as "Sanya Shoji" in November 2017.

山野 亮
Yamano Ryo


Fee structure for webmaster + ®︎

The fee structure is based on a ticket system. Tickets are issued according to the contract amount, and the tickets are consumed only for the number of man-hours worked. Tickets not used during the month can be carried over to the following month (maximum 3 months). We also offer a flexible ticket borrowing policy.

entry standard business
Monthly Fee
Initial cost
50,000 円
includes ticket for 8 hours of work
Approximate working time
Inquiries and Consultations
Update Minor modifications
Creation and editing of web pages
Marketing Analysis
Web Strategy Planning
Visiting meetings
Participation in meetings
(Basically once a month, travel expenses required)
Various advertisement settings and operations
SNS operation agency
*Unlimited consultation via chat and e-mail within the limits of common sense
*Additional costs for using outside resources such as designers, programmers, and writers
*Minimum contract period: 6 months


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